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The Drop-In


Discord Kickoff:

- Build a core community of badass Sk8rs, Artists, and Crypto degens.

- Keep the Vibes Good and the Stoke High


All Eyes on Us


Official Reveal:

- SK8 NFTs - 10k Unique 3D SK8 Avatars + PFPs

- Each comes with 3 Tricks + can evolve to learn more.

- Presenting custom Backgrounds modeled after Legendary Skate Spots + featuring High Priced NFTs on the bottom of SK8 Decks.


Ride or Die


Partnership Announcements:

- Pro Skaters

- Street Artists

- NFT Communities

- OpenSea Official Partner


Get Ready to Shred


The Drop:

- February 2022 on OpenSea

- Prepare your wallet.

- NFT supply is limited to 10K.

- Pre-Sale will start 1 week prior to launch. (Reserved for OG SK8r Roles).


PLAYSK8 Game Release


- Battle Players in a Game of SK8

- Train your SK8r by landing Tricks

- Evolve your SK8r to learn new Tricks

- Rack up points on the Leaderboard + Win Prizes


SK8 Into The Metaverse


- PLAYSK8 is skating into the Metaverse with the help from our partners  ReadyPlayerDAO as they construct a SK8 Park for us in The Sandbox!


SK8 Meetups IRL


- Parties, Events, Skatepark sessions, and more.


Going Pro

Pro-Skater Collection Announcement:

- Spring 2022


This is just the beginning...





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